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Thanks for giving me a chance to try out! Great job so far;

Some feedback after my first 15 minutes of playing, will do my best to update when I try it out some more.

I liked the general look and feel of everything, the gameplay, the gems, the ducking and jumping aside to avoid obstacles, ... Very nice so far!

Some feedback, just my 2 cents:

  • Not a big fan of the rolling stones where you have to step backwards; Gave me quite an uncomfortable feeling to be honest; This seemed to get better over time but I would recommend not overusing them
  • There is a certain sort of scratching sound you hear regularly which I wasn't really able to figure out what it was but which made me feel like someone else could pop up any moment.
  • On two separate occasions even though I thought I had ducked deep enough I still fell off; On the other hand, some of the ones where you had to step / lean aside I got through even though it felt like my body should have been pushed off. Not sure how to improve this but just letting you know
  • Maybe this is already the case or already planned but I think If you really want to make this into a full game at full price (which you should, great so far!), the gameplay needs to have some variety; Occasionally the infinite series of stepping between stones should be interrupted with something else; I think changing it up with the occasional puzzle would really help keep it fun for a long time.
  • Gems: Great addition; Maybe make them a bit more visible ahead of tim; I think semi-critical is the way to go here

Once again, very good so far, will update when I get some more time but really looking forward to where this is going :)