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This game is perfect to induce anxiety and existentialism. Please don't play if you're having a rough time or can get affected easily by this. 

The music perfectly fits the story, and evoked forgotten images of some nightmares. It's a game I won't play again, but not because it's bad


Thanks for this wonderful review! During the creation of 3ternity anxiety and existentialism induced by my poverty at the time were major factors in the making of this digital helltopia; I'm fascinated that the experience is able to induce such emotions in others.

I absolutely agree with avoiding the experience if you're having a dark / low time as the bleak, cripplingly existential nature of the writing could further any such emotions.

I'm glad you enjoyed the music, the track used throughout 3ternity is 'Stage Fright' by Shurk from their recent album 'Per Form'. Their music is brilliantly dark, atmospheric and conjures a dramatic cinematic tone.