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Dear Topatisen,

It was a great game and i found a "strategy" for the suris boss fight.

So when suris gets to stabbing distance, keep dealing damage until you are at 12 health,then get a fish(witch will pull you to max health) and repeat the process until no more fish are left.After that,suris should be at about 71 health, in witch then you just keep moving until suris keeps hitting traps, and then suris should be dead.

All in all, this game took me about 40 minutes to play and complete and I like this game a lot,so keep making awesome and creative games like this and one day you may just end up in the Microsoft office making the next hit game.

-The Fallen Star   

Yes, that's the strategy that I prefer to use as well!

Thank you for the kind words, really glad that you enjoyed it!