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Good job :D Real crazy you could design a character so specific yet such that I and apparently many others could 100% relate to, from having a crush on a grown woman in my early teens to testing out weird spells from the internet as a hobby, heck, even the game design student thing. Yet the novel felt just like a description of something that goes around in my head as a "what if...", as it didn't delve too deep into the topics it touched on. The part with meeting the young version especially dissapointed me, as I expected much more deep and strange conversations to occur and revelations for the younger girl to have as a result. I also don't like how much the player gets punished for choosing to go get a job, tho the MC theoretically wouldn't necessarily need to get away from Nelly because of that. Tho I understand why you decided to make it turn out like that. And despite everything I said I'm glad you created this story.

Looking forward to other novels <3