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Don't even need to play it and i know its amazing! But i'm still going to play it!

P.S: When is the next one coming out? xP

Wow.. That actually made me cry. That's how you know its a great game/series. Please keep them coming! :D


heheh sorry for making everyone cry this time <3

at this point though i can't guess when the next one will be. i've got other obligations that come first but i'm sure i won't be able to resist making part 5 this year haha

Ok..Well whatever is wrong i hope you're alright in the end and you're ok cause i can't live without your AMAZING games and art style and hope you don't stop anytime soon! please get better soon! <3

oh i'm sorry i didn't mean to make it sound like something was wrong, i'm just working full time so i only get to do personal projects over weekends really.

Oh ok.. I guess that's good to hear? Anyway have a good day at work. xD