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Many thanks for fixing the bug in versus mode.   It will no longer get stuck at the conclusion of a game. Instead the "game over"-message is now displayed correctly and it is possible to continue with the main menu.

However we have encountered a minor bug when selecting ships:  While displayed correctly for player 1 shield and speed is always displayed as maximum (5) for players 2, 3 and 4.

Not a bug but a feature request:
Team battle with 2 players does not allow them to join the same team - which is something I would sometimes like to do when playing the game with a friend. For this mode friendly fire should be without effect, so one can concentrate on the mission and the environment.

Thanks for letting me know, I just resolved the problem. ;)

I am not sure what you mean with team battle with 2 players... You can play a coop game with "mission mode" and friendly fire is off by default so you can not hit each other. (Although you can still crash into each other. :P)

Thanks a lot - wonderful support!!!

The status seems to be OK now - and the other thing was a misunderstanding on my side - did not expect "mission mode" to be used that way ...

Next time we will give the game a thorough testing - may take about 2 weeks ...