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Very funny! Loved the dialogue, loved the puzzles, and loved the mapping. All brilliant! I would’ve liked to see custom graphics, but I understand that the minigame contest didn’t allow them- I think the game would’ve benefited from a “sillier,” cartoonier art-style while keeping the RTP characters, but score-wise, that’s neither here nor there.  I also would’ve liked it to be a little longer, if only because I want to see more- but I understand the time limits associated with competing in a game jam, and you are very busy, so I understand why the game is the length that it is. The only real problem I had (and this pertains only to a certain part of the game, not the whole thing) is that it isn’t clear where each type of pushable object in the final puzzle goes, causing me to become a bit frustrated as I had to try again & again until I figured out the trick. A hint would’ve been welcome there. All in all a great game- made me laugh & have a good time.