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Thank you so much for making this wonderful app. Me and my friends just got into dnd recently and played using your app. The convenience of being able  to play digitally is really incredible. And the features are awesome as well! It really helped bring in new players because of the streamlined and easy way to navigate my maps. 

There is only one major issue though. The fog of war system. It really didn't make any sense to us that you have to make everything on the map visible using the DM mode just to erase the fog. It has been a source of many frustrations. Especially when it doesn't have any extended desktop support for DM view and PC view simultaneously. Everyone just looks away when I have to erase parts of the fog. 

If I could make a suggestion, that is to simply be able to erase the fog in PC view just for ease of use. Every one of my players loved the thrill of revealing what was hiding on the battle and region map. The reward of finding something new is an increbible feeling. Even for a DM like me. 

Another suggestion would be having a more advanced system in place using dynamic lighting and shadow. Like from RTS games. And also you can make it much easier for users to do this if you allow us to manually place blocks on the grid system that automatically block line-of-sight relative to the PC tokens' positions. Oh and have the app remember token placements even after exiting grid view and returning again. 

A final suggestion is maybe having a complicated AI to detect environment features on our maps automatically and be able to calculate line-of-sight. I can dream, can't I? XD

Thank you again for this wonderful app! We already bought the ios version. And many of us here support development and will donate some more once this issue has been fixed. Everyone here loves this app. 

And one more thing, how does one add source materials to the pc version?

Hi VMSC777, 

First off, thank you so much for the kind words, I appreciate it. Now to your suggestions. yes, we are developing a better way to do the fog system. The final version would be something similar to your suggestion with realtime light and vision. What's lacking is currently a way to set colliders for the map/objects.

To add data to the pc version, copy pasting works or you can import xml files through the import panel. If you are familiar with the file system for iOS, you can simply copy and paste the whole folder into the local folder of your pc version.