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First of all, I want to say that I was really impatient to be able to play this demo! And I'm not disappointed at all~

Of course, it's short, doesn't show much of the game and have small mistakes in it. It's a demo. But just that little hour I took to play it, made me even more impatient to discover the rest of the story, characters and choices you have in store for us. 

But enough chit-chat! Let's review this~ 

First, for the things I liked:

( + ) Paul's and Gilles' facial expressions are really cute. Great job Marimo, you nailed them. The other characters' sprites are great too (except for two of Ferdinand's expression which are... a bit disturbing XD). 

( + ) The story, although we didn't see much of it, was great and relaxing after such a heavy subject like slavery in "My Burning Heart". I dived into it immediately. As for the characters, they have their own distinct personality too. Paul is adorable and impossible to hate, Emile is a bit rude but seems to hide a lot of things, Ferdinand is silent and way too serious for his own good, and Gilles looks like an innocent little kid in this cruel world! So far, I'm impatient to discover more about them~

( + ) The music is really relaxing and a treat for the ears. I especially like the one you hear when you are at the riverbank! I could definitely join Paul and start painting while listening to this song. I also like the sax song and "Let's fall in love" was a nice surprise! Great addition~

( + ) Maybe it's because I'm French but I was happy to see some well-known names like Simone de Beauvoir or Boris Vian. It shows how much you researched and I think it adds depth to your story and the world you're building for Paul and the others to live in. Even if other players don't know them, maybe it will spark some interests to make them look into it!

( + ) For the backgrounds, they are just... wonderful. Saedee did a really good job and they are so colorful and refreshing. The details are a treat for the eyes. As for the textbox, it didn't disturb me much. 

Then, the things that could be improved:

( - ) I don't know if you thought about it or were gonna do it, but when we are on the map, maybe it would be cool to highlight the places when we put the cursor on it (don't know if it makes sense). But it's just my opinion

( - ) It was already pointed out before but two of Ferdinand's expression are a bit... weird? Don't know how to describe them... 

That's all for me! Playing that demo made my day and brought a smile to my face! It's starting to form slowly but surely~ Now, I'm going to wait to be able to help your Kickstarter when it will be ready. 



Aaaaw, thank you so much!

Those two things you mention are already worked on, so don't worry!