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I love this game it gives me pretty much what I want in a blacksmith game. I love as well I can custom make spears with a great blade and a hand guard. Other then more stuff to craft the only ideas i can give are in stead of right click and hold it is right click and you hold it in your hand then right click puts it where your curser is pointing (so you can hold more then one of that item as well i think about 3 would be the max but str would give you more carry. Maybe +1 every 5 levels.) and sell bins. Like after you make the item you could right click it (if you add that.) into a selling bin that is one for each or a bin that just holds all and if the item is in there they will "see" it and buy it. You could even have it set up so at start it holds 2 or 3 of each and every 2 levels in agi will give you more slots. or both of these can have their own stats. And letting us pick what we want to sell. Like if right now we can only sell daggers or want to sell only swords we can X out the other stuff and no one will come in asking for the things you X out. (I get into a spot a lot I put a ton of money into a dagger that no one wants to buy and can not make anything else.) The only other idea I can think of is a weapon rack where if we make a weapon we really like the look of we can have it as display.

just thought of this. item bins that let you put in bars handles and so on.