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Decided to make the cave color palette purple. Definitely feels more like what I want. Also made the background animated which is a first so far in this game. This about wraps up tile art for Level 2 - "Maynard Falls". Get to start programming new enemies this week!

INCOMING TECH RAMBLE. One thing I need to think about moving forward is the animated background. All of my tile art and background art is either done using a tilemap (the purple tiles) or tiled backgrounds (the "middle" parallax layer). These methods are great because they are a low memory demand. However, Construct 2 doesn't allow animated tilemaps or tiled backgrounds. So to achieve the animated background, I made a 256x256 animated sprite and just copy and pasted it. This isn't preferable because whereas a tilemap or tiled background is just one object repeated, the animated sprite will count as a new object every time I paste it.

I may be able to get away with it since my resolution is super low (256x144), I'm using small images, and I'm using parallax so I may only need to use 3-4 animated sprites per layout. Only an export will truly tell and I'm not doing that until I get to the level design point ;)