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Thank you very much for playing our game! You were one of the few to find that secret treasure in which you have to break a brick in the wall while standing on a retractable platform :D

Sorry that the contents of the demo weren't clear, we will update our page to reflect that and also give a hint at what collectables you can find in it xD

We just watched your stream and we were wondering if you were able to play the game with a controller at some point. The intended behavior is that all connected devices should work and I noticed that the UI was using the Xbox controller buttons to explain the game's input. I guess the controller was recognized but the inputs were blocked for some reason. If that is not too much trouble, could you please describe your setup so we can try to reproduce the problem on our side?


I use a standard PS4 controller connected via USB. When I tested the game before that stream, controller support worked fine. During the stream, it didn't work at all for whatever reason.

I tested my controller today and it seems to be working fine. I thought maybe on stream I plugged the controller in after starting the game and that messed something up. But, I tried just that right now and it still worked (the title changed from 'Press Z' to 'Press A').

All that said, I think it might ultimately be a problem with my controller/cord. Lately, it's been disconnecting whenever i jostle the cord. I wouldn't worry about any bugs with the game unless someone else mentions this problem or a similar one. The fact that it's now working convinces me so. Hope this helps!

and thanks for checking out the vid/stream lol :)

Bom dia. Temos uma proposta pra lhe fazer. Favor me informar seu whatsapp ou email