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If I might add two questions: Why is he kind of adorable and kind of murderous at the same time? ...and would a real life plushy of him be the same? D: 
Thanks a lot for the video by the way! :) 

For the first question, I don't know. Perhaps he's avenging some great crimes against ramen kind. Personally, I think eating dehydrated, sentient ramen-creatures might be immoral in a ramen's eyes but who knows? He's cheerfully roaming around the dry-bone graveyard of his people. So that might not be the case.

Or maybe he has noodle brain. Both are equal possibilities!

For the second... YES. He's adorable, not so much in is murder-spree face, but he's still really cute!

( And of course, any time! It was a fun game to play and I'm glad I played it! )

Oh, this almost sounds like a really interesting idea about the ingame lore. :D We will have to wait and see if it's going to go in that direction but I am a personal fan of the idea!

I guess he can be cute when he is not actively trying to murder people. :D