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My partner and I played this last night a quick no-pressure game for two. Playtime for us was a little over 90 minutes.

Favorite moment:

We, a reporter and the recently super-powered receptionist, ended up accidentally teleporting from an alien themed room in the Poconos to the deck of the actual alien ship.

Not knowing what happened next, we rolled on a table and the reporter's phone rang.

Jason: I flip open my phone. "Uh... Who is this?"
Me: rolls on a table "Joe, it's me... You... Joe, it's Joe." You hear your voice on the phone.

Dialogue then ensues in which a bunch of shiny new alien info is given from the calling Joe to the listening Joe.

Jason: I *69 ( this calls back the person who called you last on old phones).
Me: You hear your voice. "Uh... Who is this?"
Jason: "Joe, it's me... You.... Joe, it's..." Oh crap. Did I just call myself from 5 minutes ago?

It was glorious!

Some of our table rolls didn't work out this well, but it was easy to let that take a weird turn or just to agree that we wanted to roll again for a different answer. We found it worked to sort of gm one another in spots to help provide some tension and yet more unexpected turns.

Overall, this is a super fun game for two that you can either drag out into super long scenes or play fast and furious with easy narration short-cuts.