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Your save data was most likely corrupted and was reverted to a previous version upon restart. This would explain the completely different character. Any more info on the Garbage Bots glitching out? It sounds like the game may have crashed, if not then something strange happened. Thankfully the save system does have a fall-back, but it should tell you when it does that. None of these things should be going on silently, so please do get back to me if they are. :-)


Sometimes the garbage bots cannot get past the collumns (or however you type it), resulting in garbage being stuck near the elevator or on it, thus meaning the elevator cannot go down and you cannot techincally finish the round.

Garbage shouldn't be preventing the elevator from functioning. Were the near-by arrows lighting up green at the time?

Yes they were. Though sometimes you can go out with garbage in the elevator, but sometimes you cant.

I will certainly keep an eye out for this behavior during testing. Thanks for the report!