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First off, I should emphasize that you've made something here that's very, very special. Coming from the perspective of having a good relationship with my father, this was equally as impactful as those comments I have read below representing the difficulties they've had with their parents. I don't know how you pulled this off to work in both directions or really, multiple directions.

The concept is extremely clever, exploring each book and it's quotes and online reviews was insanely fun. I could've read 10-20 more books and would loved to have done it. For such a simple game mechanically, I can't think of a single Itchio game (including your prior creations) that is this perfect. Seriously, this is an experience I am so thankful you've crafted.

I wish I could convey my thoughts more, just know that your game is loved.

I ended up with 'My Cute Neighbour' as I hoped a dose of nostalgia would make my father happy.