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I always did hate February :/ Yes/No as a forking mechanism was new/novel/weird to me - dunno if it is common in the adventure game universe. You've built more randomosity into this than I first assumed. I thought I'd repeat game 3, except this time I would ask the blanket NPC for infinite blankets. But no, this time I froze to death and he didn't even show.

Hmm . Is it random, or are you looking at my past choices? This time, I started "fresh" in another tab (but didn't check cookies), and got my 5 blankets before being eaten. Of course, that could all be random.

All in all, an excellent reflection of February's mood, without having to get dressed and face the actual weather! - hfstwo

[edit] I may have produced some of the randomosity myself. Looks like in my repeat game I unwittingly clicked yes to I froze to death.