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In case you guys at Watercress don't remember me, I composed some of the tracks for this VN. Guys, it's almost been a year and you haven't uploaded the updated version of the game where the music doesn't start from the loop. Are you ever planning on doing it? I want you to keep in mind that starting the music from the loop instead the beginning, completely ruins the feel of the particular scene. You're supposed to build up the emotion, not start from the part where there is the most tension in the song.

Heya Fox! Yeah, we remember you :) we haven't uploaded any updates so far because we've been really busy with other projects, including the Steam version of Fare Thee Well. All of the current bugs will be fixed in time, if they aren't already fixed internally.

It's also important to note that much of the music is being replaced, particularly the music that's currently copyrighted, in order to avoid any potential issues in the future. Thank you for keeping up with us and making sure that this was brought to our attention!

~Wolf, Studio Director