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Version 0.29.2017-02-21

ship designs can be spawned and applied over network now.

fixed error on loading ship designs, those have turret or cannon type blocks

changed internal ship design file format, previous is not supported any longer (future versions of the game will have compatibility with it)

changed internal world file format, previous is not supported any longer (compatibility with this world format most likely will be broken few more times)

turrets and cannons are no longer separate objects (that was way too unclear for new players how does this work (e.g. place this turret mount there, place turret on it at specific angle, and finally place gun in there), worse performance-wise and harder to develop)

reduced network traffic on block spawn

improved block spawn method (not the same as above or below)

reworked internal ship design (blocks relationships), adding, removing and destruction of blocks should be faster now, idea of sockets on blocks is obsolete, there will be new one.

turrets can no longer be built too close to each other

broken beam cannons