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@antiikole YouTube gave a copyright claim to my video for your game's soundtrack. It's ok, YouTube does this sometimes, but I wanted to know if there were any other assets besides the music cited that you used in making the game that are copyrighted so I can better settle the dispute. As of now, I believe it's just the music, which should be an easy fix! It's still an amazing game, terrible on so many moral levels, all around I loved it!

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Hi, thanks for the video :D We tried to make it as disturbing as we could :D

All the music should be properly credited free music by Kevin MacLeod (

All sfx is either made by us with a recorder, or from Not sure if some sfx credit or another went missing while picking the sounds in a hurry (it’s a jam game after all). But if you’re still having trouble, I’ll try to find out all the sound origins.

all the sprite assets were custom made by venni the artist