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Nice game. Is there any way to run it fullscreen?

It's been a while, but I'd say if Alt+Enter doesn't do the trick, probably not? I'm sorry if it doesn't work!

Darn. I guess I will continue to squint :)

Another thing: how all the clean things stay clean after I removed 5 giant dirt spots with them? Bug? I expected them to become dirty.

Hah, I actually wanted to fix that in an update... never got around to it. It's hard to go back to a Jam game that you've considered finished ahah
But I still occasionally think about going back and just... updating/adding stuff. One day, maybe...!

This jam could be expanded into a regular-size game. You could be a person working as a professional cleaner, so in each level you clean some new settings with progressive difficulty. And it's not your mom, but your nasty boss that checks how you did at the end :)

Novel idea + nice pixel art, it could be really popular!

I know! I keep thinking about it ahah; I've got a bunch of ideas for twists and surprises when it comes to the setting, even. 

It's more of a question of having the time to develop a full game, when I already have other personal projects I want to work on, eheh. But thanks for the encouragements!