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like the game but considering Ned is wear thick metal Armour you'd think you wouldn't die so quick like i last longer in rdr 1 and 2 and the characters aren't wearing Armour but Ned is. good game just Ned's Armour should actually work like Armour 

Well, the thing is - the game is still in development. I am still testing what fits. I haven't played RDR 1 or 2, I know I should. The truth is that the final stand at Glenrowan had all sorts of aspects to it, and the entire gang was stopped pretty quickly. The main problem for Ned was how he was shot in the unprotected legs. Check out the dev logs - at the moment, the food & medical pack items can be used to bump up the max health. This is technically a glitch lol, but you can go over 300%.  
If all else fails, you can rush the levels. All due to change, maybe - we'll see.