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This game is so interesting and has so much potential, but I just find myself needing more than what's currently here. My biggest complaint is that the combat isn't good, there's no point in dodging attacks since no matter how far or fast you move you will always be hit. Even if you start moving before the enemy's attack starts, you'll take damage. On to the positives though. This game looks great, it's inspired by classic first person games from the ps1 era, and nails it both visually and audibly. The sounds are also great, and the story had me hooked, which is why I was let down when it just sort of ended. I am really hoping that this turns out to be a demo for a larger game, or even that it gets more parts like this.

I did this in a video with two other games, I'll link the video for anyone interested here: 

Interesting that you weren't able to dodge. I was successful avoiding taking damage by moving clockwise while attacking. However, counterclockwise didn't always provide the same outcome.

Fair comments! The follow-up - Dread Delusion - is already much bigger & better. It's got a demo if you wanna try it out!

I'm currently playing through the 2020 Haunted PS1 Demo Disc, so Dread Delusions for sure is getting played and I'm looking forward to it!