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What about convertation overlap objects to scene objects ?

It looks like you are reimplementing libgdx scene.

Hi them.

No - I am not doing anything that complicated. (Although that code does look interesting :) I just noticed that the performance of Overlap2D drops on Android when I have a lot of entities. This is even true if I switch off the back ground layer and these are not rendered at all.

Now in order to solve this I will remove the composite objects that make up the border shapes in my scene. I will then replace them with simple much larger textures. So I will end up with a lot less entities.

I was just thinking it would be nice to have a tiled option in Overlap2D. The idea behind Tiled is that the textures are send to the graphics buffer once, and then stencilled when needed. That is a faster technique, but obviously only works when you can simply copy the textures again and again. I don't think the current Overlap2dRenderer can handle that. So for now my idea is to stick with a limited set of textures.

In any way - this game just utilizes the standard functionality of Overlap2D, Ashley, Box2D and Spriter. I am not sure about my implementation of the ECS. (So let me know what you think :) As I said before I think it would be good to have more 'live' examples of how this can be best used in games.

Hi, I see Overlap2dRenderer is doing the job, but it looks like it's doing too much for one system and at the same time like it could be difficult to split its logic on sub-systems. I could just recommend (1) convert everything possible to libgdx/bod2d domain objects (sprite/color/lighting/collisions...) and (2) assign component-system to these objects. I'm sure it's a big chance you will want add more functionality in scene renderer... into Overlap2dRenderer.