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Hi! I bought and downloaded this game but when I run it, there are crucial parts of the GUI are missing. The text box is missing from the game and when I open the settings page, it's empty underneath the text, bgm (the entire left side of the page) etc. I can't select whether to change the skip settings and the window/fullscreen settings (the right side of the settings page) etc. I also noticed when I hover over buttons such as the ones on the start screen, they don't light up. Then when I try to quit, there is no 'yes' or 'no' button to click so I'm stuck in the game until I force close it with task manager. I've re-downloaded the zip file and did not experience any error unzipping the file. I've also played the demo with no problems. Any idea what happened??

Hey! Well, that's a very strange error. It almost seems like some things are not extracting? As a starting point, I'd suggest seeing if your anti-virus software is interfering. If not, then perhaps trying a different program for unzipping.

If the problem persists, please email me at sonnet009@gmail.com with screenshots of the issues described below and how the extracted folder looks, and we'll go from there.