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Thanks or trying it out and for the feedback! And very cool video!

> After playing the game through for the second time it became more apparent to me that the level design is quite plain looking.

Yep, I definitely understand! Tomb Raider has been my primary inspiration for environments, and adding more variety is on my todo-list. :) So far I've experimented with just adding a bit more variation in colors (will be in next build), but I'd like to do other stuff as well. It's never going to get as varied and polished as Tomb Raider though, given how I'm a tiny indie developer with quite limited resources. But I'll do my best to find a way to improve it compared to now in any case!

> when the big brass 'key' swings down and unlocks part of the temple lock, it does this in silence

Yeah there's various things I don't have sound for yet. On my todo-list as well. :)

> I think having more things to dodge and avoid would be good. Thinking more Indiana Jones style, like arrows being fired at you, or big blades swinging past.

Hehe, would you believe, Indiana Jones is my other primary inspiration. :D Saw blades is on my "nice to have" list, though I can't guarantee they'll make it into the game. Arrows would be cool, but given how fast arrows fly, I'm not sure how to make it viable for the player to dodge them based on reaction time. It would be more about recognizing the "arrow cannons" before they shoot and anticipate it. Maybe that can work, maybe not.

> At 4:43 in my right ear it sounds like someone is walking around slightly behind me.

Yeah, placeholder soundscape with this included. :/ Replacing it with something proper is on my todo-list!

> At 11:55 you can see the black flashes I mentioned in my previous feedback post.

Right. This is a problem with Occlusion Culling in Unity, and it's not just happening for you. :( It used to be much more frequent but I tweaked some settings to reduce it. I'm not sure what to do to get it to go away entirely, but I'll definitely look into it!

Overall, I think you noticed all the reasons why this game is still in pre-alpha: Samey environments, placeholders and lacking audio, and lack of variation in gameplay. Getting to fix all that is going to take a long while, but I'll keep at it. :)