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If you're on looking for quality...
then explain to me why your index finger is still resting on that left mouse button.
Seriously, this game is a must have.
Pure genius squeezed in seventy-something megabytes.
Take all the best from a horror game, blend it with the anxiety of driving at night with no lights on the road and pour the result in a glass full of the '90s muskiness feeling.
After all, when a game is suggested to you by Jonatan Söderström... you can't never be too far from a masterpiece.


Well, I would... if I wasn't so strapped for cash. Yes, my friend, I am so poor I can't afford this. I don't have a PayPal account, and I have plenty of money in my savings account, and I can't touch it until I get a car/truck (I'm 14). Mom's a scrooge with her money, and I need a few sticks of butter to even get her to even consider. Dad's passed, unfortunately. So, yeah. If you're in a fix like me, you can't do much.