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Low tech future. There are a couple of genres doing it fair justice, post-apocalypse being one of them. Anyway, is this not about being happy? How to live a life in a way one could be happy with? Do we all not simply dream about being happy unconditionally, like, ever-happy? Is life not a system of conditional happiness? In life, we want what we do not have, understandably. Notwithstanding, if we are not happy with what we have or we are not as happy as we had thought we should be, having obtained this or that - the notion of consumerism addressed - then how is our concept of happiness really working, minding it is invalidated as soon as we 'get there', so we need more illusions to run after? Somehow, sometimes, maybe it is first to abandon the chase and realize what perhaps we run away from? What is it that we try to run away from, under the disguise of happiness hunt? I think that it is the indifference.