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why did you make it one dollar i mean inless its a finished pollished game not many people are going to buy it and less people means less free play testers and less ideas for you to add i like playing a unfinished game and then leaving feedback so they can make it better but i will not pay for a game thats unfinished.

Now its $1.

I said that

ok what i mean is that if you make them pay for the game less people will play it meaning less feedback


But... it's a dollar. Is it really that much different from free?

maybe for you it's free .. but for some guys (like me) that's too much

(not for the game .. but as a money 1$ is too much xD)

With multiple people, $1 can be hundreds more than free. The only reason I actually got it was because it looked cool and I had a dollar in my paypal.