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@Packbat, on one hand, digital realm could have enhanced the chess experience, but it did not change the chess game itself one bit, in a sense of what is possible on the chessboard. On the other hand, mind there is no valid connection between tabletop roleplaying games and their digital interpretations, speaking of differences and similarities. Tabletop roleplaying games, on the contrary to chess, cannot be reproduced - apparently - in the digital gaming realm as we know it. Neither does digital remote connection enhance the experience of a tabletop gaming session anyhow. What are the implications? There is time for everything. Some things, are to become more niche eventually, but if they are unique, they will endure and not vanish. Digital gaming may share the fate of tabletop roleplay gaming one day. Traditional tabletop gaming generally suffers from society level of fragmentation, which in turn is induced by modern technology and the way how people could paradoxically feel more lonely nowadays, despite aware belonging to a large crowd or a cohort - the digital tribe. But there is more than one thing that can poison the well and the technology, is not the only kid on the playground.