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You can delete the save file which I believe is in the playerprefs 

On Windows it should be somewhere around HKCU\Software\[company name]\[product name] 

On Mac ~/Library/Preferences folder, in a file named unity.[company name].[product name].plist,

Something like that, but I might be misremembering... so let me know if you figure it out! 

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Managed to find the LCG folder                  (Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\HotPink Games LLC\Lewd City Girls) Can't find a folder named "playerprefs" though, have I done something wrong?

Edit: Based on my experience with starting other games over, is it the FirstPlay folder I have to delete?

Edit 2: No it isn't....

Edit 3......: Managed to reset my progress by just changing the values of undies 1 unlocked, undies 2 unlocked, etc. to 0, playercoins to 0 and undies equipped to 0


Yea that will do it! 

What file were those values under? 

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They were in: computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\HotPink Games LLC\Lewd City Girls


Ahhh yes yes right! 

Hope you have fun the second time around ;)