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Loved the game! But.... I really, REALLY wish that there was a fast forward button, not jest skip to next choice even if you have not read some or any of it. I mean why have a option to adjust skip mode for "read text" to "all text" when you can not fast forward? I mean I understand the appeal of skip but I personally prefer fast forward. Because I can see the events happening on the screen and understand where I am at in the story better when it's time to make a choice. Also I wish there was 1 or 2 more CG's for each guy but that is a minor complaint. I was really sad to see no CG gallery. :( Other then that I really liked it. I liked how they look at who they are talking to and I love the truth or dare bit. XD Good job you guys. :3

edit: found out I can use the tab key to start fast forwarding. So I am happy now and feel like a idiot. ^_^'