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Regarding the global vision of low-tech future, you may want to read about 'Kardashev Scale', if you have not already. It is a certain scientific plan for measuring the civilizational advancement of the species, by means of energy consumption and energy production level. It is associated with methods of astronomical detection. You see, a civilization that consumes and produces a lot of energy, will somehow 'shine brighter', thus being easier to detect. 'Darker' civilizations, are thus less advanced, according to theory. Therefore, if the species is to evolve, while simultaneously reducing the amount of energy consumption, it simply means there must be some shift in the system of values - that there would be another, parallel currency in operation. The way of detection remains the same, more or less such as the Kardashev proposed, only the instruments change. We will not escape the notion of division in our understanding, the mutual dependency between the opposites and how do opposing parts define one another. This is why, I think, we do not talk about any activity vanishing in the future - unless there is some great detriment in action - but about a replacement, unnecessarily in a way of linear progress. Some revolution.