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Really great job on this game. I really like it and am very impressed with the progress already. The stuff I am suggesting is probably farther down in the development process but I would like to see it come to life as the game progresses.

I would like is maybe a smelting ability. That you get iron ore from the mine and you have to smelt it. Having to combine copper and tin a certain way to get bronze and such in the effort to make a ingot.

A couple of things I would like to see is more of a progression type system for the tools that we can use at the start. In the beginning maybe if you can only stat with only making daggers and have to buy better tools or such to increase the ability to make larger items. Also if you decide to make the smelter you can add so you get more ingots out of ore you place in the smelter. Make it so you can interact with you shop more. I feel this would be fun but a lot of work on your end. Also I do not know if this would work in game. Might be more fun to just imagine then in game.

Stoning the swords or hammers with gems maybe to increase value. I feel this would be more of a late game implication. I dont know if that would be good since it is more of a gemest or whoever does that stuff for their job.

Inserting like axes and maybe arrow heads. Just insert a larger variety of jobs to possibly do. Maybe they don't have to focus on just war jobs either. Insert some like horse shoes or lanterns. More sword variants if possible but you have a good selection right now so I am not to worried on that.

The ability to buy other smitherys. This also a later game but able to buy a new building for your shop so it can be bigger.

Over all I really like your progress on its current status. Feel free to ask me any questions on these that don't make sense or I did terrible to explain. Like I said up front I am not sure if most of this stuff would go into your system well because you could have a different picture for the future of the game. Very well done though.