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Regarding the tidbits uploaded for the time being, there are two main questions you seem to pose, under one umbrella assumption you take. The assumption, is that the mankind, for whatever the reason, is to expect a dominating low-tech future. This could be true or false, perhaps both. The questions you seem to pose, is whether the digital culture will endure in low-tech era, as well as, what main forms of entertainment could replace the digital gaming as we know it, further taking that the memory of past time will not evaporate, but the species should move onward, becoming more sophisticated?

Have you read The Dune by Frank Herbert? It is a genuine piece of philosophy, unnecessarily such as best piece of storytelling. Nonetheless, it gives an answer to at least one of your questions. That answer, is: the mind.

Dominating, global low-tech civilization, could possibly become organically associated with hypothetical extension of human mental capabilities. Our games, will be mental. Uh, so to speak.

Unless we will have to hide in underground vaults, while some energy-controlling aliens will hunt us on the surface of our planet.