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By the way, since the original Dev is here, are there cheat codes or cheats in general for the original MSDOS version? (or the new update, not renaisance) I think cheat codes are also a good practical way of expanding replayability value and expanding the audience, instead of scarying it away. Some days people just want to play games with no challenge whatsoever with the sole purpose of unwind from a bad day, you should not make your game challenging at all times, leave that choice to the player. (example: Doom, one of the most succesful and bestselling game of all time, never restricted the player of doing whatever the hell they feel like doing)

When I make as much money as the developers of Doom, I will add cheat codes just for you :-)

And I'm not going to spend hours making a video of all the levels for you; cheeky of you to ask! There are playthrough videos on YouTube you can watch though.