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I was waiting for the full version of this game for so long, thank you for making such a wonderful game. I loved this game. Its cute and the characters are lovely, Irene is my favorite along with Toa, of course. Puzzles are not that hard except for the first one, which I took ages to find a solution to (I just couldn't find the thing which was confusing in his room). I loved the normal end, but even after a second play am not able to get the secret end. But still this is game is awesome and definitely one of my favorite.

Thank you very much for playing, and for your kind words! I think the puzzles were something I could have done better - they definitely could have been a little trickier. If I ever decide to make another puzzle game, that's something I'll focus on improving. :) As for the secret ending, it's admittedly a bit tricky to find! I'm writing up a walkthrough right now that'll include instructions on how to get that ending. It involves ignoring the game's instructions at one point and going back to interact with a certain character.