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I want cops to call me by '-meister' in real life now too, imagine having to explain that to someone. Also, the pink haired cop was delightfully intense.

It's a fun game that had me thinking a few times before automatically going for the click because no couldn't really be the answer to all. Could it?

Can't say much about sounds cos I played it in class, but the game was still mighty entertaining without it, so that makes it solid. the art style is also great! Lovely colours!

Enjoyed it and will 10/10 share with others.


Thanks for the message, noctiscorvusmeister! You should give it a try with audio (we're very proud of the sound track). Stay in school!

Feed ya know what i say to "stay in school?"


xD im kidding im in 6th grade :/ still tho Stay in Scewl

I know its been a whle, but due to another person replying to this I came back to this game. And you're right, the music is bopping! Also, the 'No's are just *chef's kiss*. Will have to check out the other eps :)