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When i opened second castle gate the game stop working. The gate is open, but i cant go through it. Just nothing works

Not sure what's going on. Was this after you died inside the castle? This was a bug in and older version. You can download the game again to get the new version. It should work with your save file. You can see if you have the old version if your folder in Appdata is called "and_yet_it_hurt".

If you have the new version. I'm not sure what is going on. Perhaps try closing and opening the castle.txt file again, or restarting the game.

Sorry about this!

Try to look at 25 and 26 lines of

Wow, must have been some weird git merge shenanigans. Thanks, it's patched now.

Not sure if you get notifications if you're part of a reply thread, but just to be sure, it's patched and should work now.