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It doesen't have a multiplayer and you can't look at yourself so No Character Customization

The game's name is "RAFT" So no Islands.

What kind of enemies do you expect? You are in the Ocean dude. THE OCEAN!

Something that deals more damage can be ok

More tools? Such as what?

fall damage might be good but also, it might ruin the game because if you are on the 3rd floor and there is a shark attacking the raft, Shark would win. Because you can't jump down.

interactive enviroment? What enviroment? Sea?

Ability to swim down sounds ok, but it would take a looooooooooong time to implement that feature to the game.

Again, what interactions? Petting a shark? pfft..

Voice Acting?! Don't make me laugh.

birds and more types of sharks might be ok but Whales? They would destroy everything that you have created in one bite, Like One Punch Man. Also, Crabs? This is not the seaside dude.

But I am not a developer so...... This is what I think.

(No Offense, No Homo,)