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Love where this is going so far!

I didn't save my footage because of the performance issues and didn't finish the demo, but I wanted to toss in my feedback so far because I do love the dialogue and the aesthetic!

1) It isn't optimized for my older PC, so there was a ton of stuttering. The only time it was smooth was when I went to check the faxophone message. It ran like butter in that area, horribly in the house, middle of the road everywhere else. Looking forward to graphics settings!

2) The demo starts too abruptly. You could have Eric waking up to see the robot hovering over him, have Eric ask what he needs, then have the robot explain about the EPINs and messages.

3) Gamepad doesn't fully work. If you try to use it without setting controller in the menu first, you can't use the right toggle stick to turn. If you use it after setting controller in the menu, it still isn't able to select options, only inventory and menu. Would be great to have auto-detect of input type.

4) The robot keeps glitching out and bouncing back and forth all over the place. It didn't cause me any problems with making umbrellas, it was just a distracting bug.

5) When I restarted the demo, I physically started at the beginning again but the tasks and dialogue didn't reset, it was still waiting for me to do the same task I was on before.

7) The umbrella mechanic works well but some jumps need to be too precise since his distance is so weak. Maybe allow him to jump a little farther or higher.

8) He makes a sound when you jump but doesn't make a sound when he gets hurt from fall damage, which is inconsistent. You have great dialogue so I'm sure he or the robot can say something witty when he falls.

I know games take a ton of time to get right and polish, so I wish you the best of luck with what you've got here! It's really good bones and I hope the kickstarter campaign is successful!

Thank you! We've given all your feedback to the dev team 👍