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This game really revs my computer, but clearly it's very well optimized if it can run at all on my crappy thing. Excellent work!

After about 30 minutes of play, i have just a few things to say: I think the character NEEDS a flashlight! (maybe i missed the feature?) it's so damn dark in most places I want to see.

I couldn't understand the teleport feature... is there a place that explains it somewhere? it seemed to go between just two places, or sometimes into a void of nothing.

I feel like the dingy is a cool transportation method, but it feels very limited and clunky in such a complex world, and the jet booster couldn't really get me anywhere, so I felt mostly frustrated in regards to getting around.

I really love this idea tho, I look forward to seeing where this goes!


Hi, thank you for feedback.

There is a flashlight on key 1 and flare launcher on key 2. Your position in the world defines the destination of teleportation, use visor thing on key 6 to observe the destination.

It is not very clear, yeah, I still working on it.


I'll give it another go! It's a fascinating little game.

I particularly love how if you teleport somewhere occupied by walls, the wall opens up to let you out, then grows back together. it's seriously intriguing. I'm amazed my machine can even run it!