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Good. Then half of the work of implementing Toolpath Templates is done! I will explain this weekend in more details.

Hi again, do you have a relatively small/simple DXF sample I could work with? I want to see how different DXFs can be and make sure PixelCNC will be able to handle a range of DXF structures reliably.


Hi. Sorry for the late response, I am quite busy lately with my new job. I will provide some files this weekend if not to late!

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I'll probably have v1.41a out either tonight or tomorrow, working on updating the User Guide right now so that it reflects the changes that have been made to the interface and overall program behavior. If all goes well (I don't stumble across a terrible bug that takes a week to fix) then you'll be able to test DXF files yourself this weekend instead :)

If you do come across any that do not load properly send them this way and I'll get things smoothed out for v1.42a. Thanks!