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Actually this project it gives me hopes that I will see innovation in the field of CAM software for hobbyist CNC makers and alike. Nothing really interesting came out in this field for so many years now. Vectric stoped to innovate some ten years ago. From then they are just reinventing the wheel, any "major update" it is just a mere bunch of bug-fixes and tiny improvements and nothing more. ArtCAM it is just changing the owner every few years, adding nothing to the table but only price increases on licensing side. FreeCAD path it is still far away for real work, Fusion360 it is only subscription/cloud based, Autodesk being recognised as one of the worst and the most untrusty software company in the planet, and the other CAM projects are or overpriced or not very competitive, like CamBam struggling to take the version 1.0 for a few years now, etc. DeskProto seems to be the only software who is improving, they are preparing a MAC and Linux version, testing myself  the beta right now, but their 5axis capabilities are limited to "trunion" machines, and the toolpath-simulation it is the worst I ever seen.

Deftware, please take into account that all the hobby CNC softwares are offering a lot of options for cabinet makers, because this is how the market is. Majority of the CNC "hobby" and "semi-pro" owners are do making furniture and cabinets, so it is logic that all this CAM softwares to offer tools to easily take the design to CNC machine. The "artistic" part is only a fraction of the whole market, and any CNC owner wants a single software tool to do all the job. Your software seems good on the artistic side, but right now offers nothing for furniture production, which is a pity.

I totally understand where you're coming from but unfortunately it's just not in the cards this time around. If it were something I could pull off in a week then I'd be up to considering it as a possibility. As it stands, due to the inherent limitations of PixelCNC's core systems any given XY point on the canvas can have only one corresponding Z coordinate. As as a result there is no way to cleanly or easily add any kind of functionality for designing or calculating toolpaths for any kind of overhangs. This applies to the simulation system and cutter geometry as well. Everything is built around a simple 2D representation where each point can have a single Z coordinate tied to it.

The best I can do is add a new entry-cut mode to the profiling operation which instead approaches cuts from the side, rather than from above, but you'll still be defining your router bits as one of the existing tool types and simulating it without being able to see what the final result will actually look like in the simulation, but the resulting toolpath should be perfectly usable with a router bit (assuming that your toolpath parameters are correct and it doesn't try to approach the toolpath wrong or move too far into the material).

As for actually giving the user the ability to model cutters or features on their project's canvas that cannot be represented using a 2D heightfield function it's just not going to happen without spending months of time gutting tons of code and re-writing it to work with a new canvas representation - including all the toolpath generation algorithms. That's time I just don't have, unless you'd be willing to start paying me a full time salary to work on it. I've already set my sights on getting PixelCNC to beta this summer for over a year now (and it's already going to be really tight as-is) so that I can finally switch to PR/marketing mode and begin generating an income for my wife and kids.

In the meantime, I still have at least half a dozen new toolpath types I plan to incorporate which will allow for some cool new stuff, and a bunch of canvas layer editing functions, along with built-in tutorial/walkthrough modes and a system for orienting new users with the interface.