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Hey everyone and devs included! 

I have a lot of fun trying the game! First time I have picked it up I had a few issues but I  was glad to be able to do a video on it as I do think its got a lot of special things. 

So here are my pluses and minuses i guess. I love the music I think the music is great the graphics are amazing as well with a lot of great detail to the trees and also to the water and structures on the ground. Small details as well such as bridges look really great.

I would love to see what else you add into the game going forward like really look forward to maybe the area of reach for woodcutters to be removed but maybe make them walk slower with the wood so the penalty is that they will deliver the wood slower the further away they are from the trees. I feel that destroying them to rebuild them as there are no trees in the circle area of use is a bit meh but that's my opinions and you devs know best. Same i guess applies for the stone cutters/Quarries. 

I would love to see the bridges bigger and also as they are really cool addition to the map to make sure that's the only way to cross rivers if possible. 

More quests story would be cool. But overall I had a lot of fun with the game and like I said will look forward to see more of it in the future!


Keep up the good work!


Hey SGP, thanks for all your feedback on LC so far. 

A lot of the feedback that you've given is great, and a lot of it is in the process of being fixed and improved upon already!