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Thanks for the reply Casper :D I actually did get it to work. It was on my pc's end as I suspected since I seen no one else with the same issue. I simply uninstalled the last Win 10 update that my pc automatically did, restarted and it works! Unity games always seemed a bit funky for me but they do work :) I know to expect bugs on this demo since there are mentions in the posts but it's fine as this is indie developed and I'm sure they'll be ironed out with time :) You guys absolutely nailed the ps1 asthetic on all fronts with this project though from the character models, pre-rendered backgrounds, music, voice acting. I like how you also took from Fear Effect to let player know when their aim is aligned with enemies since you opted to omit auto aim too! In-game reloading is always a plus as well!

I'm glad it works and that you liked it! ^^
And I'm trying to fix as many bugs as possible with every update. So check the update log on this page from time to time if you want to play without bugs or problems. : )