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Beatiful! This is one of the best horror games I have ever played! Graphics are great, scares are great! I can't wait until the full GAME!!!

Plz tell me it'll come out soon...

Thank you so much! Actually, we are working hard to launch the game later this year! Stay tuned to our social media! 

Cool! I look forwrd to playing it and getting really scared!

And when you make the game make a story, warm up to the jump scares, no jumpscares until like...10-15 minutes in the game depending how long it is and have a save. Plus, make sure the character is closer to the door to open it.

Also I was surprised it was unity! I've never, ever played a unity horror game as good as that! did u make the pictures follow the character and if it's super good a youtuber might even play it!

Good Luck!!!!