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The game was decent for a first attempt and it shows. Though there are rooms for improvements to be made.

The biggest improvement you can make is text and walk speed. Just making it a bit faster makes the game more polished.

Add some background lore within the game itself. The players only know that something happened in the intro. (Not going to spoil it, but you have an idea of what I'm talking about) Maybe some notes lying around that explains the events around it adds more detail to the game.

Taking care of the invisible "walls" in the middle of the road. Self explanatory.

Lastly, more animation pose to the monsters in the last part of the game.

All in all, a very decent first attempt. 

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Hi, thank you for playing and for your detailed feedback, it was very very interesting. You are right I still have some issues with some lighting and collisions. More animations is a good idea too, but I need to improve my skills on that point. I note all your critics and will consider them for an update. Thanks again !