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This looks great.

There is also a pgrogam called Houdini, which is simmilar to autodesk Maya but can be used to also GENERATE PROCEDURAL ASSETS AND WORLDS.

I have the same idea that you have, but no resources or programming experience just art.

Houdini allows for destructable terrain!

So you could turn this idea into a roquelike procedural shooter!

Would be great. Houdini also allows for procedural textures ect.

But its a much better idea to procedurally generate a 1000 buildings and 10.000 assets up front with textures. And then procedurally place those in a world with procedurally generated vehicles and robots, and modelled enemy's. Using your algorytm.

Because destructable terrain features are included in the generation process in houdini if you specify. Then you will have a real game! With not super much work compared to triple AAA games.

If I ever win a million ill make Nuclear Throne in 3D with the same amount of creative as plants vs zombies garden warfare.

EDIT: And dont use unity! It has problems running on many devices except android. Its made for mobile devices not windows for instance. Unity is the Java of game engines. Its not really made for gaming. Its made for Mobile apps and does a good job at that. But to slow and many bugs for gaming.

If you want to take an algorythm like this, or make your own in Houdini. Make sure you stay low poly, limit yourself and use low resolution textures. Its the game itself that should make it more fun. Not the high resolution graphics. Save your processor speed for destruction and AI. Remeber, most of the world is still running a dual core 2.0 gyg and intelhd2000 card.. 

There is nothing wrong with making a game that looks good in toon style without real time rendered raytracing water drops and reflections.


you don't seem to know what you are talking about with unity. Really not xD

Unity is fantastic for windows, mac and linux. Small problem with Android having to get the apk and such and add it to unity.  Try it yourself.


also you program mostly in C# in unity. Java is not an option and it's not written in java either. It's written in C++.