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Thanks for this great info Kando...Would it be a better strategy to sell account signups to Indie and clicks to AAA game publishers? If so, what would be the market price for account signups?. We can track them with promo codes.

Usually account signups are around 7% to 15% of the cost of the game. You don't get paid for the signup just when they buy the game they use your code and it knocks off like 5% for the player and then gives you your cut into an account. Usually this is the best way if you have huge numbers as you can turnover people to buy the game. We are offering services like this in one of our games coming out soon where people can promote it to friends and when a friend buys it you get x amount credited to your account. Also counts for streamers etc. However the only other way I know for good turnover is to become a studio streamer. Which involves you playing and promoting the games at prime time from a certain studio and they just pay you a basic rate per week or hourly in some cases but very rare for streaming. Although usually the first few weeks you have to work for free so the company can see that you are making an impact to there sales numbers and base your weekly rate from that.

If you did want to do something like the studio streamer then feel free to contact me as a couple of our games we will pay on sales for sure.

Hello Kando, we have access to many streamers, so we can really move a lot of clicks or account set ups. Can you send me your contact info so we will contact you about your games . My email is marc@blogdash.com